Current Exhibition

An exhibition by from the Light Gallery committee

A photographic exhibition exploring how the internet, the abundance and proliferation of data, and social media have changed our view of photography: availability, value, copyright and ownership. 

The internet is a pervasive force in our lives.  Whether we know it or not.  Our imagery, our friendships, our knowledge of what is happening in the world often comes from this source.  

ROT is borne of the oft quoted idea that our connection to media via mobile devices is rotting our minds.  That we are losing the ability to interact with one another.  Can we really suggest this is true?  The exhibitions is emerges of thinking about social media, data and how it shapes us.  

On the other side we see the constraints of device display.  What you see through a phone is a very constrained experience.  The media can be exploited in ways that physical media can not.  However, you are stuck with the dimensions of the screen and the viewer have much greater control of how they choose to view the images.  ROT creates things that you cannot experience online while mirroring the experience. 

The Light Gallery committee work hard behind the scenes to ensure that the gallery continues to maintain its commitment to photography in South Australia.  The committee is made up of artists.   ROT the this years biennial committee exhibition.  

ROT runs from Friday 13/5 until Saturday 11/6




f*** you by Elysha Glaser

f*** you by Elysha Glaser


Gallery hours for this exhibition:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 11am-3pm or by appointment
Note: The CCP and The Light Gallery are closed on public holidays. 

Opening: ROT
Friday 13 May 6-8pm
Wine supplied by
Red Art wine
The Light Gallery
138 Richmond Road
Marleston SA 5033


A different artist will be sitting ROT each Saturday for the duration of exhibition.