Creative Camera B

Creative Camera B


N.B. this class is for VET in SACE (i.e. high school) students. Please contact us and we can discuss enrolment with students, parents and VET Coordinators.

Creative Camera B is an extension of Creative Camera A and will further develop students’ knowledge with more of an emphasis on personal research, camera-based ideas and photographic genres.

Please contact us to enrol

Photography is an exciting industry and interest in it and its applicability is rapidly growing with the advent of digital technology. Students may wish to become photographers, designers or filmmakers, all careers linked to photography. 

However many people in seemingly unrelated fields find that camera and post-production skills are increasingly valuable in their jobs, for example with firms creating their own marketing material. Also, the skills of problem-solving, attention to detail and lateral thinking are engrained in a photographic education.

We are passionate about teaching this trade to the next generation of photographers with our mission statement to promote the highest level of photographic art practice

We have the privilege of teaching a cohort of VET students every year who thrive in an environment that is hands-on, challenging and supportive at a stage when they are beginning to map their future.

Creative Camera A (CCA) is based on the same content as our mainstream course Introduction to Photography while Creative Camera B (CCB) is drawn from Camera Portfolio 1. For VET the classes are more structured, with a workbook for students to keep up with their assignments.  

CCA is an intensive and creative course introducing students to the fundamentals of camera practice. The focus is on technical skills to become proficient with manual camera controls as well as artistic applications of these techniques. There are no prerequisites for CCA.  

CCB is an extension of CCA and will further develop students’ knowledge with more of an emphasis on personal research, camera-based ideas and photographic genres. CCA or its equivalent is a prerequisite.

N.B. Any students undertaking this module must have access to their own DSLR camera to bring along to classes.  Students will need to budget for external printing of digital images.

The VET programme dovetails into our mainstream Cert IV after students’ first semester (CCA & CCB), meaning students can potentially attain a tertiary qualification by the time they finish their SACE. Classes may also be taken individually. This programme and our workbooks have been restructured for the new Cert IV in Photoimaging, with content now more digitally-based in line with current industry practice.

 CCA is run in terms 1 and 3, with CCB running in Terms 2 and 4

  • The classes are scheduled on Fridays from 9:00am – 12:00pm and/or 1:00pm – 4:00pm
  • Please consult the relevant term schedule for available times and current pricing

 Mainstream classes (i.e. with adult students) can be undertaken by VET students who cannot attend during the Friday VET classes or who have completed CCA and CCB and wish to continue with the Cert IV in Photoimaging.  The Cert IV can be counted toward both SACE and ATAR if fully completed as part of Stage 1 and Stage 2. Please contact The C.C.P. for further details.