Hand Made Photographs

Hand Made Photographs

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This course is aimed specifically to develop post-photographic production skills among those that have completed Introduction to the Darkroom.

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This course is aimed specifically to develop the post-photographic production for those who have already completed Introduction to the Darkroom and wish to think more out of the square with the making of their photographs. Students will extend their existing knowledge about Black and White film development and other, non-traditional, processes that can be used to make photographs.

A number of processes are neither film nor digitally-based, involving post-darkroom techniques or basic light or chemical manipulation. We explore the idea that you do not need a camera to produce photographs, creating unique images of things that have never been, as opposed to “documents”. The practical techniques examined will be reinforced with hands on practice outside the darkroom.

Topics covered

  • Making pinhole cameras

  • History of processes

  • Contemporary practice

  • Advanced film processing

  • Fibre-based papers

  • Photograms

  • Lumen printing

  • Cyanotypes

  • Collage

  • Hand colouring

  • Hand-made slides

  • Paper negatives

Two students who took this subject, Maxine and Pamela, were kind enough to share their experience of studying Hand-Made Photographs. Please read their thoughts here to get a feel for this course from a student’s perspective.

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  • Introduction to Photography

  • Introduction to the Darkroom


9 weeks, 3 hours per class. Students should expect to do an extra 6 hours a week of their own work.

Required Materials

  • Film camera with manual controls

  • Students are responsible for their own film and paper costs

Mark Goddard teaches this subject and says

“This is a class that extends your technical approach to film and digital image making, as well as exploring other ‘alternative’ practices. You are encouraged to combine traditional and modern processes in making images, sometimes without the need of a camera. This is a great class to challenge your conceptual practice, with a practical emphasis on your in-class work.”