Introduction to the View Camera

Introduction to the View Camera


This course is for people starting out in large format photography, or who have yet to buy a camera and want to see if large format is for them.

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This course is designed for people about to start out in large format photography or people who have yet to buy a camera and want to see if large format is for them. It is an intermediate level course for someone who is very comfortable with their current size format and are wishing to explore the world of large–format photography.

Whether you have your own large format camera or use one of the supplied 4x5 cameras this class will demystify the large format, from learning to see upside down & back to front, to being stunned by the clarity & sharpness produced.


o   Why large format Cameras

o   Camera types

o   Using Large Format

o   Loading Double Darks

o   Sheet film processing

o   Interpretive exposures

o   Lenses and lens boards

o   Contact prints vs enlargements

Important Dates

Please view the calendar for key dates at the CCP.

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A $40 discount applies if full payment is made before the Term Census Date.

Class Prerequisites:
Introduction to Photography, Introduction to the Darkroom, Camera 1 or its equivalent are the minimum requirements.


 * N.B.  It is expected that students will have their own large-format camera or intend purchasing one. The CCP does have a small number of large-format cameras available for students to use.



Students will supply their own dark slides, sheet film and photographic paper