Speedlight Foundations

Speedlight Foundations


Saturday 26 October 2019

Meant for the novice or intermediate photographer who wishes to learn about on-camera flash and speedlight to become more confident with their photographic image making.

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This workshop is for the novice or intermediate photographer who wishes to learn about on-camera flash and speedlights to become more confident with photographic image making. You should already possess an electronic flash either hot-shoe style or bracket mounted to bring to this workshop.

You will learn about: Flash Meters, Light Ratios, Synchronization, Portable Flash, Flash Dominate, Flash Balance, Fill Flash, Automatic vs. Manual Operations, Reflectors as well as Modeling Techniques with light.

You should have some experience with your flash unit and be familiar with its basic controls and functionality. Please make a note on your enrolment form as to what flash model you will be using.

Early Enrolment Discount

A $40 discount applies if full payment is made before the Term Census Date.


You must have access to an electronic flash outfit and a manually operated camera to participate in this workshop – if unsure, please call the Centre. A fundamental understanding of photography (e.g. “Crash Course Camera”) and some camera experience will be assumed of all participants.

*Note this workshop deals with the general flash lighting skills mentioned above. It is expected students will know how to use the basic controls of their flash unit. If you need help understanding the basic functionality of your flash please contact The CCP to discuss private tuition. If you have not bought your flash yet, camera store staff will be able to orient you to the basic controls.


Closed toed shoes are required for the studio. Please have your lunch, at least one roll of film (slide, negative or lots of digital memory) for you to shoot your own examples. You will need a camera and flash equipment, plus a notebook and pen to record exposures.