Crash Course Darkroom

Crash Course Darkroom

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Saturday 14 September 2019 10am-5pm

This crash photography course will enable you learn everything about processing Black and White film as well as how to make darkroom enlargements in one day.


This crash course is for those who want to know everything about processing and printing Black and White film but only have one day to do it! Learn to process B&W film and how to safely make darkroom enlargements. from the negatives you have developed. 

Find out about Darkroom Equipment, Film and Chemistry, Contrast Controls, Exposure Controls, Test-strips and Print Finishing.  Have fun while you learn about Enlargers, Timers, Easels, and just how inexpensive and easy it can be to set up your own Home Darkroom.

Please ensure you have an already-exposed roll of film ready to go for this workshop. A "standard" b&w film such as Ilford HP5 or FP4 will be appropriate.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all.


None except to be able to bring along some already exposed and unprocessed B&W film to this workshop - call us for advice if unsure.

If you are not yet confident with your film camera or need to borrow one please contact the CCP. We can loan you a camera and provide a quick tutorial including loading your film before you go out photographing!


Please bring a Brown Bag lunch and your exposed Black and White film ready for processing.  A few pieces of thin card, some masking tape, scissors, a note pad and pen will prove to be useful. A suitable quantity of photographic paper for making prints will be provided in the cost of this workshop and more may be purchased at The Centre if required.