From Capture to Print

From Capture to Print

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Saturday 8 September 10am - 1pm
Free for current (Term 3 2018) students: Do you need to optimise your digital files for your assessment prints? Join Ben Tait and learn how to prepare your image files to make spectacular prints! Includes a $10 printing voucher.

Saturday 2 September with Ben Tait:
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Are your prints all they could be? Do they say what you want them to say?
Your prints represent your vision. Join fellow CCP student Ben Tait on Saturday 8 September and learn how to prepare your image files to make spectacular prints!

The day will address:
•         The (surprisingly) common pitfalls and how to avoid them
•         Colour correction by numbers
•         Setting tonal range
•         Ways to emphasise the subject of your image
•         Sharpening (aka enhancing edge contrast), and avoiding giving the game away

The day will be a brief introduction to these concepts to optimise your assessment prints.
But, time permitting, Ben can touch on other areas of interest:

•         Colour management 101 for those who print
•         A workflow for getting your images from capture to print-ready
•         Techniques for dealing with difficult images
•         How the human visual system differs from the camera and why this should inform our editing decisions

The content will be presented using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop, as (hopefully) everyone has access to this software and it also translates well to a Lightroom/Photoshop workflow. Please bring along your laptop with Photoshop to work through example images, and a few of your own files to practise with.

The workshop includes a $10 print voucher to help with your next assessment, which will pay for your first 8"x12" print. After the workshop as you prepare for assessment, Ben will answer any questions and provide support to walk you through the printing process and showing your photographs in their best light.

This workshop will help you to produce superior prints regardless of printer, however some content is tailored to producing digital pigment prints using Ben’s printers in a colour-managed environment.

Don’t miss out! Strictly limited to 10 participants.