Masterclass: Street Photography with Mark Goddard

Masterclass: Street Photography with Mark Goddard

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Saturday 30 November 2019

This course looks at the traditions and people that have defined street photography, what makes a compelling street photograph and the methods for getting the shot you want on the street.

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Saturday morning session: Introduction
9:00am – 12:00pm
Meet at the CCP       

We look at the traditions that have defined street photography and the photographers who have made an impact on the style. We will also discuss what makes a compelling street photograph, methods for working the street, and your rights as a street photographer. Participants will then get a little more technical about how to make the most of your equipment and your situation as you find it.

For this session, please bring a pen and paper to make notes. Also bring your camera so that you can consider alternative methods of focusing and framing which will be discussed in this session.

Saturday afternoon session: The Shoot
2:00pm – 5:00pm
Meet in Adelaide City

A practical session is scheduled for later in the day where you’re encouraged to challenge yourself with the methods and approaches discussed earlier in the day.  A lot of time will be spent walking in the Adelaide City centre so ensure you have appropriate footwear and clothing for the conditions as the practical session will run regardless of the weather.  Ensure your batteries are fully charged and your memory card empty.  Use of a film camera is highly encouraged, so bring plenty of 400 ISO black and white or colour negative film as is your preference.

Sunday week: The Wrap Up
10:00am – 12:00pm
Meet at the CCP

The session on Sunday is to review and receive feedback on the street photography images taken over the previous two weeks.  Choose your top 10 in either digital or print form to share with the other participants.

This will be catered with some light finger food to encourage continued discussion.



Digital and/or film knowledge and a good comprehension of exposure is an advantage.

 Required Materials:

Please bring your lunch for day 1, a pen and paper to make notes. You will also need your fully charged DSLR along with lots of memory or even an extra card or two for image capture. If using film, have your SLR and lots of film available to use.

About Mark Goddard

Mark Goddard is a South Australian fine art photographer and photography lecturer. His photographic journey began with searching for formalist and abstract beauty within urban and natural landscapes, resulting in a number of solo and group exhibitions.  Following this, he turned his attention to street photography, where for the last five years he has quietly observed and photographed human synergy on Australian and more recently New York streets.  Mark follows a simple philosophy using one camera, one lens, and a good pair of walking shoes.