Masterclass: Timelapse Photography with Chris Oaten

Masterclass: Timelapse Photography with Chris Oaten

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Time lapse photography specialist Chris Oaten takes students on a fun and engaging journey into the world of timelapse. The 3rd day is for the Myponga Timelapse Challenge

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In this workshop timelapse specialist Chris Oaten will take you on a fun and engaging journey into the world of timelapse over 2-3 days. 

In theory, timelapse videos are easy to do with your camera – you’re simply taking a few hundred photos, one after another, and then lining them up in post processing. However, to get a stunning, seamless timelapse video, there’s much more involved than spending a few hours behind the lens.

Chris’ method for teaching timelapse involves throwing students in the deep end, working backwards from the end of the production chain, processing a “Holy Grail” capture sequence with the group in order to first understand the intrinsic connection between capture and post-production. The challenge of an actual Holy Grail capture on location will be undertaken as an optional activity on a third day, but you won’t want to miss it. If you can nail the challenge capture, you’ll be ready for any timelapse project.

DAY 1, 9am – 5pm: This entry level workshop will cover the art of framing, lighting, intervals and subject matter right through to the nitty gritty of equipment, production and post-production. An emphasis is placed on coming to grips with LRTimelapse. This software is widely recognised as one of the leading software titles for exposure smoothing and deflickering. LRTimelapse is free to use for non-commercial purposes up to a limit of 500 frames, so students will be able to use it for much of their own work beyond the workshop without having to pay for a license.

DAY 2, 9am – 5pm: You will learn the basics of Adobe After Effects and some of the more advanced post production techniques such as pan/crop/zoom effects. This is a fantastic workshop for anyone who is interested, and is just getting started in the art of timelapse. We’ll also look at the options that LRTimelapse provides for rendering video. However, the workflow Chris will demonstrate is dependent on roundtrip processing between Adobe Lightroom and LRTimelapse, so some familiarity with Lightroom is highly recommended.

DAY 3, from 3pm on location: We will meet at the lookout at Myponga Dam to set up for a Holy Grail capture under direct supervision and direction from Chris. This capture challenge should result in a visually compelling timelapse sequence that starts in the daylight hours and finishes once the stars are out. It’s not an easy capture, not least because there is no “right” or “perfect” way to manage exposures. The aim of the exercise is to present students with the biggest challenge this genre of photography presents in order to arm them with the confidence to handle any timelapse capture scenario.

Pricing and Early Discount

Cost for the two days is $350.00
After 21 July $390.00
(Early discount will already be applied to the price if you're paying online)

If you opt for the third day Myponga Challenge there will be an extra charge of $55.00

Participants will need to bring their own snacks, dinner and drinks. A flashlight or headlamp for working in the dark is recommended. A sturdy tripod is an absolute necessity; participants with lightweight tripods may need to develop a ballasting method, which will be discussed during the weekend workshop.


You must be very familiar with your DSLR. Familiarity with Lightroom is highly recommended.

Required Materials:

Digital SLR and intervalometer. An external USB hard drive to take home finished works. Bring your lunch or be prepared to purchase it nearby.

About Chris Oaten

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