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Magpie Springs Photographic Competition 2018


Registration and photo taking
10th Feb – 6th May

Digital submission by 9th May

Finalists Notified 23st May

Delivery of works
17th June

Sun 1st July - Sun Aug 26th

Magpie Springs Photographic Competition 2018

Because of the unusual nature of this property and with connections in the artistic community we found when anyone arrived they would take a picture of something. So much so, we decided to give all photographers a chance to participate - show off their images and exhibit in the gallery. 
We give photographers a 3 month period to take an image on our 80 acres... day or night. Subject matter is completely open. From macro to panorama as long as the image is taken onsite during the stipulated period.

It has made for an interesting and diverse show every year. Anyone can enter - the competition is stiff... this is not about looking for the brochure shot, but rather about discovering nature, using imagination or discovering the Fleurieu and Southern Adelaide Hills, maybe even discovering a passion.  - This IS a visual treasure hunt!

It will be registered with SALA Festival (South Australian Living Artists Festival)  and hung during our last Sunday Music session

This photographic competition looks to capture many visual treasures of this vineyard on the slopes of Willunga Hill. Set amongst 80 acres of rural bushland, wetland, and natural scrub, with abundant flora, fauna and rustic buildings. There are many choices of subject matter that will inspire. This property is a unique site it offers rustic artefacts, flora and fauna, picturesque settings, happenings as well as the full gambit of vineyard work/look which evolves during vintage. Photographers are encouraged to use imagination.

The People’s Choice award has proved to be very popular. All visitors have participated with gusto! Visitors during the show Magpie Springs can vote and go into the draw to win a very excellent prize!  

Works submitted may be displayed on monitor in cellar door or used for future promotion of the Magpie Springs Photographic Competition with authorship and in subsequent years on social media. 

Gallery offers limited hanging space so a greater chance to win a prize if selected.