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Synergy - An Exhibition by Rosina Possingham


Exhibition dates: 11 April 2018 - 31 May 2018
Where: Carclew Foyer Gallery

This exhibition marks the first solo show for emerging Adelaide artist Rosina Possingham. The series of photographs in this exhibition is shown as a narrative characterized by synergistic connections; between the photographer and her female subject, the woman and nature, and the woman and her own body.

Through complete immersion in the natural world, the woman comes into her identity, emboldened by the restorative power of nature and confident in her body. Through an Australian landscape equal in vigour, Possingham channels female empowerment.

The female figure has long had a place within the historical art canon, bound by its association with sex and submission. SYNERGY reclaims the female form and invites us to examine a woman as a part of nature's beauty. Possingham captures the intimate journey of discovery and transformation, from states of calm to euphoric elation.