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Fringe Exhibition: BRIDGE

BRIDGE eInvite.jpg
We are a collective of contemporary artists who have previously brought you the award-winning series RUST, SALT, TAR, SMOKE, KNOT, GRIT and GRAIN. We get together once a year to produce work to a single word theme that has some association with the elemental and physical nature of the Port where the exhibitions take place. Our more recent exhibitions have taken place in the Packing Shed of the historic Hart’s Mill, we were given permission to take an 1880s building, that hadn’t been occupied for 40 years, and turn it into a pop-up gallery space, large enough to accommodate the often large scale works of over 35 artists. This year we are expanding our footprint to take on the interior of the silos inside the historic mill itself.

Our exhibitions have regularly won the Fringe Weekly Award for Best Visual Arts and Design, in 2013 TAR took out the overall award for best Visual Art and Design and in 2016 GRIT took out the Eran Svigos Award for Best Visual Art. We enjoy what we do.
— Tony Kearney, Curator 0408232740