You acknowledge that this agreement takes effect at the time of your signing this enrolment form. These conditions will apply in relation to future agreements with The CCP. Refer to the Term Schedule for term dates and relevant Term Census Date. The Term Census Date usually falls on the last Friday of the preceding term.
1.    A $100 non-refundable deposit per class and signed enrolment form are required to secure your enrolment. If for any reason a signed form has been accepted without payment these conditions will still apply.
2.    As of the Term Census Date you are liable for all tuition fees.
3.    Full payment by the Term Census Date will result in a $40.00 discount per subject.
4.    In the case of you deferring or withdrawing from a course for any reason (including simply not attending class) after the relevant Term Census Date refunds will not be made and you are still liable for all outstanding tuition fees for any classes enrolled.
5.    The balance of tuition fees is due in Week 1 of the relevant term i.e. before your first lesson.
6.    If tuition fees are not settled by Week 1 of term a Fee by Instalment (F.B.I) plan will be arranged and you will be charged a $44 administration fee per subject. The CCP reserves the right to refuse F.B.I.
7.    Fee by Instalment must be finalised by Week 8 of the relevant term with fortnightly payments.
8.    Credit card details given may be used to pay tuition fees within the timeframe per these conditions.
9.    If for any reason your class is cancelled you will be notified. If no other suitable class is offered any fees paid for that class will be refunded (does not apply when re-enrolled after deferment).
10.    Refunds will not be given for any absenteeism in a class.  You may complete a missed session at a later time within one calendar year if the class runs during that time and subject to availability.
11.    Enrolments funded by a third party organisation must be accompanied by written confirmation.
12.    Statements of Attainment will not be given to anyone with outstanding fees, book or equipment loans.
13.    As a last resort regarding outstanding fees, after reasonable attempts to make contact and negotiate, a collection agency will be employed fully at your expense to recoup all monies due.
14.    If at any time you are experiencing financial hardship contact The CCP immediately to arrange payment options.
15.    You are to keep The CCP updated with current contact details. The CCP will send you personal communications and material about our educational programme. You can unsubscribe from our lists but please be aware that due to our rolling admission process you may be added on each enrolment.
16.    Deferrals, withdrawals and other agreements will only be recognised upon receipt of required paperwork.
17.    Upon completion of the class you will be issued a Statement of Attainment subject to item 12.
18.    You acknowledge the CCP Mission Statement and Code of Practice and agree to CCP policies including but not limited to Facility Use, Harassment, Re-Enrolment, Assessment and Refunds. Policies are available on our website and from The CCP office.
19.    You agree at all times to use CCP equipment safely and in accordance with instruction, reporting any breakages or mishaps immediately. Any breakages due to your negligence will be your responsibility to repair or replace; wear and tear notwithstanding. You will clean up before you leave.
20.    The CCP has Public Liability Insurance for personal misadventure that may arise while on the premises. The CCP will not be liable for mishaps caused by your negligence or abuse.
21.    The CCP is not responsible for theft of your items. Personal security is your responsibility.
22.    If deferring from a course, you must formally (in writing) defer NO LATER THAN week five. After this time deferral will not be recognised. Withdrawal or an extension may be appropriate. Above fee policies apply.
23.    CCP will not share any personal information (except where required by law) to any third party without your prior written consent.
24.    If you are participating in training arranged by your employer or school, information such as results may be provided to appropriate personnel within your organisation.
25.    The information on this form is primarily used for administering your enrolment and communicating with you, creating a student file and de-identified statistical analysis.
26.    If you do not complete all sections your application could be delayed or not accepted. You have a right to access information that The CCP holds about you, subject to any legislative exceptions.
27.    If you wish to access or enquire about your personal information please contact The CCP.
28.    For our full Privacy Policy, you can find this on our website