21 By Elliott Clarke

Artwork for viewing and purchase throughout March 2017

21  By Elliott Clarke

I travel the earth every opportunity I can.
I am fascinated with change.

The changes in FORM
as LIFE happens to the world.

The impact of time.
Over hours,
over days
over centuries.

The impact of weather
or change in conditions.

Everything has just…
come together.
To create this land we live on.

And my god.
It’s so beautiful…

About the exhibition: The exhibition is called ’21’. I put it together for my 21st birthday last month to share my adventures with friends and family. 

The images are all landscapes from around SA captured with my Grandfathers film camera  (Canon AE-1). I have constructed all of the frames myself.


Gallery hours for this exhibition:

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm
or by appointment.

The Light Gallery
at the Centre for Creative Photography
138 Richmond Road Marleston SA 5033