GHOTI XXII (a.k.a. the student show) is on!

Opening Night: 21 December 2018, 6pm

Location: The Light Gallery 138 Richmond Road, Marleston SA 5033

Why "Ghoti"?

Ghoti is pronounced "fish"


Gh - f - as in tough

o - i as in women

ti - sh - as in motion

And fish swim in a school. And we are a school. Right? Yeah.

Instead of a show just for graduates, the annual CCP student exhibition is open to all students.

Whether you are soon to complete your Diploma, or have just started the Intro class, you are welcome to participate and show your work in the Light Gallery.

This year the CCP will be assisting all students in printing and presenting their work for GHOTI. By handling the printing and presentation of your work our goal is to reduce the hassle and cost of exhibiting, while also creating a more consistent look for the exhibition to present your work in its best light.

We will be creating two versions of your images for sale, one image printed on your choice of A3 paper, the second will be a 6x4 inch image available as an affordable option for family members to purchase on the night. We will also include you in the GHOTI XXII exhibition book. All you need to do is pay the fee, agree to the terms and conditions, supply your images in digital format to us by 9am Friday, 7 December 2018 and it’s all done!


  • 1 or 2 photos per student

  • $50 entry fee for one image, $75 for two images.

  • Photos must be supplied at Minimum 3000 pixels on the longest edge at 240 - 300 DPI.

  • Ghoti is held at the end of every year.  Sign up to be involved below!

GHOTI XXII - Student show
from 50.00

Submission includes printing, presentation, hanging and inclusion into the GHOTI XXII Book.

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