GHOTI XXI (a.k.a. the student show) is on!

Instead of a show just for graduates, the annual CCP student exhibition is open to all students.

Whether you are soon to complete your Diploma, or have just started the Intro class, you are welcome to participate and show your work in the Light Gallery.

Why "Ghoti"?

Ghoti is pronounced "fish"
Gh - f - as in tough
o - i as in women
ti - sh - as in motion

And fish swim in a school. And we are a school. Right? Yeah.


  • 1 or 2 photos per student
  • $25 entry fee total
  • Photos must be safely framed, how to below
  • Ghoti is held t the end of every year.  Drop by the CCP today and collect a registration form or download the pdf.


To minimise the risk of heartbreak because of poor picture framing, follow the below, simple instructions.

However we highly recommend using a professional framer such as...
- Jim at Chippendale Frames (ph: 8293 1661, 1/60 Richmond Road, Keswick),
- the wonderful crew as always at Atkins ( ph: 8431 6755, 89 Fullarton Road, Kent Town),
- the pros at Elite Picture Framing (ph: 8293 5366, 24 Croydon Road, Keswick)



• Frame
• Picture hanging kit (available from hardware stores or framing suppliers)
• Attach the D-hooks 1/3 down from the top of the frame (so that the frame will sit flat hanging on the wall; test it out on a wall at home)

Please refer to the above picture for reference on how to attach your wire. If you are having trouble, the friendly CCP staff will be happy to assist you.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to use IKEA or similar frames, please DON’T use supplied hanging wire and hooks; these are not reliable and won’t safely hold your picture on the wall. Pictures inadequately wired will not be accepted into the exhibition.