Francesca Germanis wins Young Photographer award!

We are pleased to announce Francesca Germanis as the winner of The Most Promising Young Photographer Award for Semester 2, 2014.

Francesca, a St Michael’s College student, has shown excellence in her commitment to her studies in Creative Camera A &B at the Centre for Creative Photography (CCP) in 2014.

Francesca is thrilled to receive the award as she started out her studies with only some basic photographic knowledge and has strived to build on her skills throughout the year. “All my hard work has paid off. I am quite proud of myself and how far I have come!”

Francesca initially started her VET courses at the CCP as part of her studies towards her SACE as well as to pursue a creative interest. She did not anticipate how much she would enjoy photography and is now considering it as a career pathway in the future. Francesca found that photography paired well with her other creative passions including art and design and felt that the course enabled her to extend herself both technically and conceptually. She feels that her photographic studies have given her a new creative perspective “Now I look at the world in a more photographic light and am always thinking and looking for new ideas”.


Francesca appreciates studying in an adult learning environment, enjoying the relaxed and independent atmosphere and finds it easy to get along with staff and students. “It’s a very good learning environment because everyone is there for the same reason and want to learn. My lecturer, Sam Oster, was always there to help and was very easy to talk to.”


Francesca is further developing herself as a photographer by continuing in the Certificate IV program at the CCP.  She feels that the award will benefit her in all kinds of ways “It will motivate me to continue and improve my photography, give me self-confidence in my work and give me credibility”.  She plans to put her $300 prize money towards her next camera.


We wish Francesca all the best with her future endeavours.

Jessica Eckermann

VET Coordinator