Congratulations to our 2016 VET award winner, Jayden Williams!

Jayden Williams

Most Promising Young Photographer 2016

This year we had a great semester of Creative Camera A&B with outstanding results from all the high school VET students. While the results were extremely close, the clear winner of this year’s VET Most Promising Young Photographer award was Jayden Williams from Modbury High School. Jayden was surprised that he had been chosen as the winner, acknowledging the incredible work from his classmates, saying “I thought for sure that one of my other classmates would have won! They’re all very talented and I learnt so much from each of them. Overall, I’m very humbled to be the recipient of the award.”

So far Jayden has enjoyed exploring a wide range of photographic styles. He initially started his studies at the CCP taking a Seascapes and Star Trails workshop late in 2015. This encouraged him to enrol in Create Camera A where he learnt in more detail about camera functions and settings He says that he soon realised he would have to upgrade from his mirrorless Olympus if he was going to reach his full potential in Creative Camera B. “Over the break, I bought a new camera, a Nikon D7200, and I love it! There’s so much more I’m able to do with it. It definitely helped me with the course, my photo quality improved and I was able to experiment more with different styles of photography.” This was evident in Jayden’s work in Creative Camera B and he says he loved every style he has come across so far in his studies. He is yet to pin down his favourite trying everything from portraiture to landscape to architecture as well as long exposures just to name a few. But in saying that, he is beginning to develop his own personal style where the use of techniques such as symmetry and diptychs/triptychs and vivid colours can be seen across much of his work.

Jayden - Already Gone.jpg

The use of multiple images in one piece was a revelation to Jayden. “The one thing that helped push my creativity was when Sam, my lecturer, said that we could have as many photos as we wanted in a single frame. To me, this opened up so many more possibilities and helped me to create heaps more interest with my pieces. My favourite one was of my Stepdad’s band, Already Gone. I had a photo of each of the members, and 2 shots of the band playing. I felt like this was a different take on the traditional portraiture style, as it created more of a story within the frame.”

In the future Jayden is looking forward to expanding his knowledge and skills further. This term he has enrolled in Darkroom #1 and Camera Portfolio #2 where he is learning about film photography and photographing a series. Beyond his studies he is still considering where he wants to go with his photography. “In the future, I’m not really sure what I want to do. I like the thought of other people enjoying my work, so I might take on contract work, or I may just become a freelance photographer. I still have a lot to learn.”

For now, he is looking forward to using his prize money from the award to go towards some new equipment, stating that “the money could be put to many things that would help me advance with my photography; a new lens, another set of ND filters, a microphone (to help with videography aspirations I have), really the possibilities are endless”.


Finally Jayden summarised his experience so far at the Centre for Creative Photography by saying “The courses I’ve studied have been really fun, the facilities provided at the CCP are really good, the lecturers and staff are extremely friendly and easy to get along with and it’s definitely better than regular school work. When I proposed to do this photography course, I was told that it would be hard work and that I would need to commit myself to an odd school timetable, as well as unconventional study hours. I’m very glad that I went ahead, did it, and dedicated myself to achieving my goals.”