SALA 2018: 'Metamorphosis'


Opening 6pm Friday August 3 2018
The Light Gallery 138 Richmond Road Marleston

A collection of contemporary photo-collage, photomontage, and assemblage, 'Metamorphosis' showcases a compelling array of techniques by photographic artists of various backgrounds and disciplines.

Photomontage is at its essence a modern art form by virtue of its reliance on photographic technology and media. It becomes an exciting postmodern exploration of intertextuality through use of combining images, by incorporating found images, and mixing media by assimilating found objects in the Dada tradition to create assemblage. You are warmly invited to celebrate this fascinating collection of pieces created by local contemporary artists.

Gavin Blake, Ross McNaughtan, Aaron Blake, Gee Greenslade, Stephen Hunt, Brendan Hinton, Che Chorley and Mark Spaven