Fee By Instalment - Introduction to Photography

Fee By Instalment - Introduction to Photography

153.80 every 2 weeks for 10 weeks

Payment Schedule
• $44 Admin fee added to total per Enrolment Conditions
• $153.80 per fortnight for five fortnights
• Our online portal does allow you to cancel the subscription at any time. However you will still be liable to pay the left over amount on your payment plan regardless of completing a class at the CCP or not. You can defer a class as per CCP policy and take it another time.

Please call the CCP on 08 8354 0839 to discuss this if you have any questions at all.

* Please see the
current term schedule for the relevant Term Census Date.

* Note that the Census Date is usually the last Friday of the Term preceding that in which The Student is currently enrolled.

1. This agreement takes effect at the time of clicking “I agree to these terms and wish to enrol”

2. By enrolling at the Centre for Creative Photography (CCP), The Student agrees to abide by the CCP’s financial policies and to fully pay for the course enrolled.

3. General Conditions and Responsibilities, including those pertaining to fees, are available on our Conditions of Enrolment page.

4. Full tuition fees will be finalised at least two weeks prior to the current term’s end.

5. The CCP will contact you to arrange a fee by instalment agreement, including a signed credit card purchase voucher made out to the Centre for Creative Photography for the remaining balance of the course enrolled.

6. The CCP will use credit card details to deduct regular payments as outlined overleaf. The CCP will contact you to receive this information.

7. In the event of a default, the voucher will be used by the Centre for Creative Photography to recoup any outstanding payment still owed. Under no circumstance will the fees paid exceed the balance of the account unless a debt collection agency has been employed to settle the account (see point 15).

8. In the case of The Student withdrawing or deferring from a course (including simply failing to attend classes) after the Term Census Date, refunds will not be made and The Student is liable for any outstanding fees.

9. Upon finalisation of the instalment payments, a receipt for full payment of the course fees and/or a copy of the finalised instalment agreement will be available on request.

10. If for any reason a class in which The Student has enrolled is cancelled by the CCP, The Student will be notified. If there are no other suitable classes offered, then any fees and deposits that have been paid for that term will be refunded or credited for other use.

11. In the event of a withdrawal or default from a course after the Term Census Date, The Student agrees for The CCP to collect all outstanding balances of fees.

12. Under no circumstance will The Student receive a Statement of Attainment, assessment feedback or academic transcript for any subject with outstanding fees.

13. The CCP may prevent The Student from enrolling in further subjects if an instalment plan is in default.

14. The Student may be prohibited from future Fee By Instalment privileges, based on prior credit history with the CCP.

15. As a last resort regarding outstanding fees, after reasonable attempts to make contact and negotiate, a collection agency will be employed fully at The Student’s expense to recoup all monies due.

I agree to these terms and wish to enrol