Camera Portfolio 3


Camera Portfolio 3


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This course is designed for experienced photographers to challenge, extend their notions of photographic portfolio development using assignments, critiques/discussions

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This is a Diploma level course.  It’s designed to help the experienced photographer challenge and extend their notions of creative portfolio development. Through assignments, critiques and discussions participants will investigate a more in-depth and personalised approach to the making of their photographs. For each course there will be different outcomes due to the students’ individual vision, motivation and career goals.

Topics covered

  • Photographic materials
  • Photographic communication
  • Form and context
  • Installations
  • Influences
  • The photograph as record
  • Portfolio preparation
  • Black and white concepts
  • Colour concepts
  • Probity and property

Important Dates

Please view the calendar for key dates at the CCP.

Early Enrolment Discount

A $40 discount applies if full payment is made before the Term Census Date. This discount will already be applied to the online price, and flagged as on "sale".

Class Prerequisites

  • Certificate IV Photoimaging or equivalent.
  • Students must have their own manually operated 35mm, DSLR or larger format camera.


9 weeks of 3 hours per class. Students should expect to do an extra 9 hours a week of their own work.

Required Materials

It is expected students will supply their own film and paper or digital output.