Hello and welcome to the Centre for Creative Photography. My name is Gavin Blake, I am the founder and Director of the school.

My love affair with photography began when I was an undergraduate studying Fine Art. When I undertook a basic photographic course I realised that you could actually look at photographs. They can be appreciated as fine art objects—a darkroom or digital print that has been painstakingly crafted can be visually absorbed like a painting. The story they tell, or the emotions they stir, can be read like prose or poetry.

I enrolled as a photography major learning to develop film and make prints in the darkroom. Soon I was hooked; when I saw my first photograph emerge from the developer it was magical. This excitement continues to this day. I love seeing the wonderment and joy when our students also experience this unique thrill in our darkroom. I began to understand the world around me because of what photography was showing me. This changed the way I experienced the world and shaped my future, and I have never looked back.

From its inception in 1997, the Centre for Creative Photography has been committed to a diverse and intense study of photography. We provide a relaxed yet rigorous educational environment. This has become a defining feature of the school. We recognize that our most important contributions to the discovery and education of photography rest on our focus and mission statement.

The Centre embodies the disciplines, skills and creativity to create successful, independent-minded photographers. We have drawn an original agenda-setting faculty working in the industry with our students, who work together in an interactive and genuinely unique atmosphere. Our lecturers instil their own passion into students, which contributes greatly to their success as graduates and photographers into the future.

I witness a wonder in the students who come to the Centre. I sense their desire to capture, now on a digital camera, the moments in life that captivate and inspire them. I feel their commitment to learning how to better use the tools of photography—the cameras, computers, software, printers, studio equipment and film.

My own love of image making and photographic education is now 35 years old. I must have one of the best jobs in the world. And I can honestly say that tomorrow at the Centre will be better than today. I invite you to visit our campus and facilities, inquire about the programs and activities that interest you, and become part of the Centre’s vital community.

Photography and creativity are gifts for life and the lecturers at the Centre for Creative Photography are committed to helping you realise your dreams.