We are in the process of copying policy information under the following headings, to make it easier for you to find. In the meantime you will still find all policy information via the above "Policy and Procedure Manual" PDF link. Please contact us with any queries at all, and we will be happy to assist.

Enrolment Policy

Digital Suite, Darkroom & Studio Policy

Assessment Policy

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL Step by Step

RPL Introduction to Photography

Student Records Policy

CCP Trainer & Assessor Policies

Equal Opportunity / Harassment / Sexual Harassment / General Policies

Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Policies

Student Industry Experience Policies

Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Standard Code of Practice

Refund Policy

Re-enrolment Policy

Make Up Classes Policy

Fee By Instalment Policy

Student Academic Counselling
At the end of each term, individual students will be counselled by their instructor or the head of the school (or their representative) in order to best establish their direction within their choice of photographic discipline.
A student may prefer to make an appointment with the Head of the School if preferred but students are encouraged to approach their unit lecturer in the first instance if at all possible.

Contentious Issues
If a topic or assignment arises which might be perceived to be in any way contentious and to potentially offend the moral, religious or cultural values of any student, the class will be given notice of it.
Students will be informed that they may negotiate a more acceptable but not less rigorous topic or assignment with the lecturer and the method by which the topic will be covered if the lectures cannot be attended by the student/s.

Mission Statement
The CCP is a private educational institution devoted to promoting the highest level of creative photographic practice. It is committed to helping people explore their career options and to mastering their craft, while developing their artistic talents in search of their career regardless of a person’s sex, sexuality, marital status, race, physical disability, age or Intellectual ability.