Digital Imaging 3

Digital Imaging 3

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An application of Digital Imaging 1 and 2, this course entails using image manipulation techniques to create and enhance portfolios of food, portraiture, architecture, fashion and fine art

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This course takes the knowledge from Digital Imaging 1 and 2 to apply it to specific professional projects. The course will take a deep dive into using image manipulation techniques to create and enhance portfolios of food, portraiture, and architecture photography. Students will be asked to integrate their existing photographic knowledge into some sustained projects. This course will be a chance for students to put together a portfolio of work that has been worked and enhanced to a high standard.


Topics covered

  • Complex selections and masking

  • Creative liquify

  • Advanced layer management

  • Creative montage

  • Product retouching

  • Skin retouching

  • Fashion retouching

  • Architecture retouching

  • Professional workflow and output

Matt Loxton teaches this class and says

“I really enjoy teaching Digital Imaging 3; it’s exciting to see students take their digital photography to the next level by learning how to further refine their work in Photoshop. We get to explore the finer details of artworking shots to an industry standard on a wide range of commercial imagery.

Students work on a team-based brief to create a movie poster from scratch using all original components and photographing the talent in the studio to make a composite. If you want to learn how to artwork photographs like the pros; this is the class for you."

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Class Prerequisites

  • Introduction to Photography

  • Digital Imaging 1

  • Digital Imaging 2

  • Studio 1


9 weeks, 3 hours per class. Students should expect to do an extra 11 hours a week of their own work.

Required Materials

  • Digital camera with manual controls

  • Adobe Photoshop is recommended for homework

  • Students are responsible for any output costs