Portrait Photography 1

Portrait Photography 1

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This is an portrait photography course is for amateur and experienced photographers intending to learn more about photographing people on location and in the studio.

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This is an introductory course for either amateur or experienced photographers who would like to learn more about photographing people on location and in the studio. Artificial lighting will be emphasised. Formal and informal approaches will be discussed and practiced while introducing students to various relevant equipment. On-going critiques and assignments will guide students in order to begin to define their own approach to the portrait. This class will include a daytime field trip on a weekend subject to weather.

Get the creative juices flowing while checking out some new and older photographers’ work. Analyse the techniques involved, most of which you will be able to achieve with the help of your lecturer during the term. Whether you are a fashion photographer or a street photographer this course caters for you, film or digital. Your studio skills will obviously be enhanced as you will finish with a good understanding of light, how to shape it and create it. This will also help you to recognise it naturally on location, and give you the skills needed to enhance your location images. This course is flexible; for example if there is a portrait style that you love, bring in some samples and our skilled lecturers will help you recreate it.


  • Lighting ratios and shadow detail

  • Using one light

  • Diffusers and modifiers

  • Studio/portable flash

  • Lighting styles

  • Studio work

  • Location work

  • Available light

  • Practical posing demonstrations

  • Finding the right focal length according to the size of your space and the dimensions of your background

  • The art of the portrait, skin tones and choosing your colour palette

  • Custom lighting designs like the Big Jessie studio set up, stunning lighting with versatility for those big shoots.

  • Shooting for post-production, learning how to light for a specific style

Important Dates

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Class Prerequisites

  • Introduction to Photography

  • Camera 1

  • Camera 2

  • Studio 1


9 weeks, 3 hours per class. Students should expect to do an extra 6 hours a week of their own work.

Required Materials

  • Digital or film camera with manual controls and hotshoe

  • Remote flash trigger

  • Students will supply their own film, output, paper and models as required.