Gavin Blake
Founder, Director, Senior Lecturer

Gavin Blake is the founder and Director of The Centre for Creative Photography. Gavin received his visual art education in Australia (BFA SA School of Art 1981 and in the USA (MFA the University of Delaware 1991). Gavin has been teaching photography and lecturing on photography and art-related topics since 1979. He has been a practising artist since 1978. His artwork has been exhibited and published in Australia, England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United States. He has lectured and taught in every accredited photographic programme in South Australia, and facilitated numerous workshops on many art-related topics in Australia and the United States.

Gavin’s typical approach to teaching photography is to encourage his students to minimize their dependency on purchasing further equipment or technology, rather to maximize their use of what equipment they have  available.  This quality Blake says encourages “ planning, knowledge and confidence with your materials which you already have at hand”.

He is represented in numerous public and private collections in Australia, Europe and the United States, and maintains a studio in Adelaide. View Gavin's artwork at