Shimmer Photographic Biennale 2014

The Shimmer photography festival is in its third year, better than ever. It's a great reason to take an afternoon drive to some Southern Vales wineries that have turned into galleries of photography.

For 2014, Shimmer feature American editorial and commercial photographer Tom Bol as an artist in residence. CCP lecturer Sam Oster put in a huge effort to bring him here, organising sponsors and events. The CCP is proud to be one of those sponsors.

Being a dance photo meister, Sam (of Silvertrace) is into using high-speed flash to capture movement.Tom Bol is one of her flash idols and he is running a series of workshops on hypersync flash, action, and portraiture.

There are lots of exhibitions, seminars and workshops and so many of them involve CCP people!

  • Mark Goddard (lecturer) & Leanne McPhee (former student), Motion Study, Wirra Wirra Vineyards.
  • Kristi McMillan (former student), State of Flux, Cradle Hills Winery.
  • Bernie Kaeding (former student), A Vision in Blue, Pirramimma Wines.
  • Tanvir Kanwar (former student), Las Nubes (The Clouds), CafĂ© Britannia, 319 Chalk Hill Road, McLaren Vale.
  • Zezette Lindqvist & Louie Tarr (students), Male; Real/Ideal group show, Gemtree Vineyards.
  • Mike Lim (lecturer), Sam Oster (lecturer), Sarah Benigar (former student), Gilbert Roe (former student), Light group show, Red Poles.

Have a look at the program, plan an afternoon or two, jump in the car and go experience some excellent wine and photography.

Aaron BlakeComment