Matthew Reid wins Most Promising Young Photographer Award

Congratulations to Matthew Reid for being awarded the Most Promising Young Photographer, Semester 1 2015 at the Centre for Creative Photography. 

This year we have had a strong cohort of high school students come through our VET program and while there have been many students who have shown great promise with their photographic skills, we are pleased to congratulate Matthew Reid, from Westminster College for being chosen as the award winner.

Matthew has shown excellence in his commitment to his studies as well as a thorough grasp of photographic skills and techniques. Matthew was surprised but excited to win the award and above all feels it has given him the drive to pursue his photographic studies and hopes to see his skills develop into a profession one day, stating “The award has boosted my courage and confidence to continue and reach my goals within photography”.

Matthew found that the Creative Camera B course really allowed him to extend himself creatively, in particular, developing an eye for the urban environment. He says “With thinking I already knew the basics, I further found out the full extent of different techniques and styles of photography.”

 Lectured by Sam Oster, who is a working professional photographer, Matthew felt encouraged to push himself outside of his comfort zone. In this manner he thrived in trying new things and learning from his experiences. He hopes to continue learning about other photographers, building on his skills and working towards developing a personal style, saying “At the current moment I would like to learn as much as possible, to be able to produce final products to the best of my ability, as well as learning from my mistakes.” 

Finally, Matthew plans to use his prize money from winning the award towards getting a new lens for his camera. He says he would only improve the courses by having more time and appreciates the knowledge and skills he has gained from his studies.

We are pleased to hear that Matthew has enjoyed his studies so far at the CCP and it is great to see him continue with his photographic studies towards completing the Certificate IV in Photoimaging. We wish him the best of luck with his future studies.

 Jessica Eckermann

VET Coordinator