Kayla Twining :: Winner of Most Promising Young Photographer Award

VET Profile: Kayla Twining 

We are pleased to announce that the latest award recipient for the VET Most Promising Young Photographer goes to Kayla Twining!

Kayla is a student at Aberfoyle Park High school and has succeeded in completing creative camera A & B at the Centre for Creative Photography as part of her SACE. Kayla has shown great development in her photographic work, especially with her composition and exposure skills, which has really taken her work to the next level. This can be seen particularly in both her natural and urban landscapes where she shows great understanding of formalism as well as the ability to adjust exposures for specific lighting situations.

Kayla was surprised but also proud to be recognised as the award winner and feels it will help her “strive for more in the world of photography”. Kayla is thrilled to receive $300 in prize money for the award and plans to put the money towards a new camera lens. In the future she is hoping to start her own photographic business and has been building up her portfolio with the help of family and friends as well as in her studies at the CCP. She also loves the idea of travel and hopes she can combine this with being a professional photographer one day.

The Centre for Creative Photography brings high school VET students into an adult learning environment, where there is a focus on both technical understanding and hands on skill development. With access to professional standard equipment, students learn how to achieve high end results. Kayla has found this to be a great benefit stating: “The courses at CCP, what they offer and all the help they give you is fantastic as it was a whole new step for me to reach out to others for help and to work with other students at the same level.”

She feels she is now able to extend herself creatively with the ability to visualise and achieve the results she is after. “Creatively it has given me the ability to achieve at a high level and technically I understand what I am doing and how to achieve it”.

She acknowledges the guidance given to her by her lecturer Sam Oster, saying “I would like to thank Sam Oster for all the help she gave me and all the encouragement as it was a tough year for me to keep up. Thank you for making the Creative Camera A and B course so much fun! If you have a passion for photography, I would recommend The CCP to anyone any day!”

We hope to see Kayla continue her studies with the CCP and wish her the best with all her future photographic endeavours.

Jessica Eckermann

VET Coordinator