Bespoke Professional Development Workshops


Have you heard about our bespoke workshops? Lately at The Centre for Creative Photography (CCP) we have had a lot of interest in our commissioned professional development workshops for councils, business and community groups. Typically, a manager will be looking to improve the quality of marketing collateral, with a positive and productive team-building day being a welcome bonus.

Digital technology has changed the way we work and many organisations produce communications and marketing content in-house. A trend we have seen in recent years is that employees at councils and businesses are called on to take promotional photographs for social media, websites, newsletters, bulletin boards, annual reports and the like.


The photographs may be headshots, portraits from the community, “action shots” of the organisation at work, documentation of projects, pictures of facilities and equipment, and so much more. With set budgets and tight turnaround times, it is perfectly understandable that an organisation can’t justify bringing in a professional photographer to document every image.

However, a pitfall that groups often come across is that the staff are recruited just because they own or have access to a camera. The fact they may have little or no photographic training can make for some easily-avoidable mistakes. Poor lighting and composition, unclear directions to the person being photographed, low-resolution files that are badly pixelated, can all confuse a message and contradict the positive and professional impression you are trying to create.

The good news is these problems can easily be solved with a small amount of specific training.


The CCP specialises in photographic education and we have been doing so for 21 years. We are Adelaide’s only private provider in this area and thousands of students have entrusted us to provide their Certificate IV and Diploma qualifications, or individual units of study.

With this reputation established many organisations have approached us to train their staff and volunteers. We can tailor photographic workshops in any field of photography, tailored to your requirements, for individuals or groups of almost any size.

With our crew of eleven expert lecturers with decades of industry experience, working in the CCP’s professional facilities —including well-equipped classrooms, digital suite, studios and darkrooms—we can provide guidance in any area. For two hours or for multiple days, the CCP delivers precise, informative and entertaining photographic training.

Common photography needs for these groups include basic camera skills, headshots, portraits (candid and posed, groups or individuals, at the workplace and on location), visual and digital literacy, product photography, problem-solving unusual lighting situations (e.g. awards ceremonies), product photography, basic post-production and optimising for print and web.


CCP has provided a wide range of private tuition workshops for clients such as The Government of South Australia (multiple departments), local councils from across Adelaide, the Department of Defence, ACH Group, Adelaide Festival, Flinders University, the South Australian Tourism Commission, and innumerable South Australian schools, small, medium and large businesses, youth and employment services, and more.

If you have any photographic training requirements now or in the future, please feel welcome to contact the Centre for Creative Photography on 83540839, and our staff will be happy to discuss planning a session that meets your requirements.

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