Lease affordable gear with CCP and Cameracorp

CCP has teamed up with Cameracorp to put together a range of gear for six-month lease to help you commence, or continue, your photographic practice.

Cameras, lenses, tripods and speedlights–even Mac computers and EIZO monitors are available.

The six-month lease terms are designed to help your cash flow. It will cost a little more than buying equipment outright so do consider your options carefully.

Leasing not only avoids a large up-front payment, but lets you always have the latest equipment since you can upgrade each six months.

After the lease period you can end the agreement, upgrade to new equipment or make a balloon payment to now own what you've leased.

The lease would be between yourself and CameraCorp, not CCP.  CCP is just doing some matchmaking between buyer and seller.

In the interest of full disclosure, CCP will receive a payment from CameraCorp equal to the first month's lease cost. This does not increase the cost versus going direct to CameraCorp or another agent, and does not impact the selection of gear we recommend.

Cheers and happy shopping!

Aaron BlakeComment