Photographic Concepts 2

Photographic Concepts 2


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This photography course uses assignments, critiques and discussions to help students investigate in-camera imagery, photographic communication and photographic concepts. 

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Through assignments, critiques and discussions students will investigate in-camera imagery, photographic communication and more challenging photographic concepts. The work of individual artists will be studied more in depth and with more emphasis on artists working across disciplines. Each course will have slightly different outcomes due to the students’ individual vision, motivation and career goals.  This subject can be either film or digitally based.

Topics covered

  • Kitsch and tacky postcards

  • Word-association and contextualisation

  • Instant-film photography

  • Beach and underwater photography

  • Portraits of others and the self

  • Collaboration

  • Reflecting on the photographic process

  • Photographing publicly

Mike Lim teaches this subject and says:

“This is a more playful photography subject, with image associations/word games, and a more comprehensive look at different strategies of photographic communication. Interestingly this subject also demands that students push themselves to take what they already know even further, which they do, often beyond their own expectations.

It’s great seeing them working together and extending themselves conceptually with the way they go about making new photographs.”

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Class Prerequisites

  • Photographic Concepts 1


9 weeks, 3 hours per class. Students should expect to do an extra 6 hours a week of their own work.

Required Materials

  • DSLR or Mirrorless camera that enables full manual control. A film SLR camera may also be used.