Portrait Photography 2

Portrait Photography 2


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This portrait photography course is for studio based photographers that want to extend their practical knowledge with photographing people on location and in the studio. 

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This is a Diploma level course for experienced studio based photographers who would like to extend their practical knowledge with photographing people on location and in the studio. This is a hands-on practical studio course primarily at night with a location component. It is an extension of portrait 1 with a series as a focus. On-going critiques and assignments will guide students in order to begin to define their own approach to the portrait.


  • Inspired by the Vee Speers birthday series we will construct two studios with a different lighting set up, but end up with the same result from both. The result is a unique image with a lighting effect seldom seen or used. After some minimal post production the final image resembles an illustration.

  • Hollywood lighting. Using theatre lighting, flash heads with modelling lights, tungsten lights, or a light you picked up at Bunnings, in our studios we will create the classic lighting of George Hurrell and the photographers of the early Hollywood years. Great fun.

  • Shoot the chef. We will take on the concept from the national Shoot the Chef competition. It may be your little sister covered in chocolate making cupcakes, or a recognised chef. This assignment is conceptually challenging and will get you thinking laterally. It will involve a good idea with narrative, styling, and you lighting skills. It may be shot on location or in the studio

  • Fish out of water. Let’s create an improbable image requiring you to style/prop your image and scout a location. You may shoot your subject in studio and combine in Photoshop, or shoot on location.

  • Location shoot. We will take you to a location with structure and where the light is amazing, practically guaranteeing amazing results no matter what your level. We’ll discuss just what makes this location work so well. The light at this location has all the qualities that we are imitating in our studios. We will experience a range of direct and diffused lighting conditions with the associated subtle colour shifts. With a window of beautiful natural light requiring no additional fill, this is gold for commissioned portraits.

  • During this course we will continue to evaluate the continuous skin tone regarding spectral highlights and the effects on shadow detail. Look at controlling contrast with our lighting and see how lighting affects post production.

  • All of these assignments will enhance your understanding of lighting, natural or artificial. How to recognize it and how to create it. The course will push and challenge your conceptual skills, whether you’re a fine art, fashion or domestic portrait photographer this course will cater for you.

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Class Prerequisites

  • Portraiture 1


9 weeks, 3 hours per class. Students should expect to do an extra 6 hours a week of their own work.

Required Materials

  • Digital or film camera with manual controls and hotshoe

  • Remote flash trigger

  • Students will supply their own film, output, paper and models as required.