Alyssa Cavanagh
Graphic Designer

Alyssa Cavanagh, a.k.a. Neon Theory, graduated with her Diploma of Photo imaging at the CCP in 2012. Alyssa began her photography journey in 2010 after completing a Bachelor Degree of Visual Communication (graphic design) at university.

Alyssa is a freelance fashion and portrait photographer operating under the name 'Neon Theory'. Her work is published in numerous publications nationally and internationally.

Returning as the Curator at the CCP exhibition space, The Light Gallery, and as a practising photographic artist herself Alyssa is passionate about helping emerging and established artists put their best foot forward in the industry, by means of showcasing and exposing their best work to art lovers and buyers alike.

Alyssa believes it is a necessary part of any artist's journey to exhibit their work, and hopes to inspire through art.