Student membership at the AIPP

Opportunities for Students and those emerging into the industry

Thank you Randall Armstrong from the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers for writing about what the AIPP offers all of its members, and in particular student members, from opportunities and awards to industry contacts, professional development and a sympathetic ear. AIPP Student membership is only $75 per year.

We at the AIPP hope you are looking forward to the beginning of a new school year!

AIPP Student membership is only $75 per year and probably represents the best value for dollar in the AIPP.

Benefits that students gain from the AIPP include

  • Access to member resources including specimen contracts, AIPP benchmarking results, the Working Pro publication, Better Photography magazine and others
  • Regular involvement and exposure to industry professionals
  • Discounted entry to events, workshops and seminars, often at a rate lower that other members to encourage participation
  • Volunteering and involvement in industry events such as Hair of the Dog, The Event, State Epson Print awards and the Canon AIPP Professional Photography Awards
  • A closed and mediated Facebook group exclusively for AIPP student members
  • The AIPP/ACMP Trampoline program is open to Student and Emerging members and is a great opportunity to network and meet others who are developing their place in the industry.

Additionally, AIPP student members can participate in the AIPP State and National Awards programs, gaining valuable peer review and assessment as well as the possability of becoming State or National Student Photographer of the Year and your institition becoming the AIPP Tertiary Institution of the Year; a valuable marketing tool.

Student entry into the AIPP Epson State Awards in 2016

As you know, the AIPP has refined its awards system over the last two years to encourage more entrants into the Epson State Awards to take advantage of the greater time and capacity at the state awards, as opposed to the national APPA awards, for providing feedback and critiquing of entries.

Just as working professionals benefit from this feedback, so too do students currently studying photography at your institute.

The dates for your local state awards are shown HERE

We would love to work with you to encourage as many of your students as possible to enter these awards and take advantage of this learning opportunity.

More details are available HERE. Alternatively, if you want to discuss this further please contact us HERE.

Student entry into the National APPA 2016

The qualifying process that will allow some of your students to enter APPA is explained HERE.

In addition, we would like to extend an invitation to discuss with us the option of allowing your organisation to have a number of DIRECT INVITES for your students who you think are appropriate to become APPA entrants.

If you would like to discuss this option please contact Randal Armstrong, our membership manager HERE before March 31st 2016.

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