Announcing the 2017 Semester 2 VET Award Winner - Aleesha Stone

Aleesha Stone from St Michael's College has been announced the 2017 Most promising Young Photographer. To celebrate we have asked her six questions about her work at the CCP. 

Each semester we award one high achieving VET student who has completed our Creative Camera A and Creative Camera B courses at the Centre For Creative Photography. These courses are specifically designed for any high school student wishing to complete photography as part of completing SACE. They run every Friday from 9am -12pm.


Runner up students were Evan Corbett (St Michael's College) and Lauren Schwarz (Cornerstone College)

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1) How do you feel about winning the VET Award?

I am extremely thankful and honestly shocked! Many of my peers are amazing and hold a lot of skill in different areas of photography as well, so I’m just really happy and thankful to have been chosen for this award.

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2) How do you think the award might benefit you?

I feel as though this award will help me in finding a career path in photography in the near future.

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3) What would you like to do with your photography now and in the future?

For now, I’d love to improve my skills with portraiture. In the future, I’d love to start a business in photography, specifically landscapes.

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4) What sort of photography do you most enjoy (e.g.: portrait, architecture, landscape)?

I personally enjoy portrait and landscape photography. Portraits allow me to push my creativity to its limits. I love using light, action and colour in my portraits. I also travel often and I love being able to show people the beauty of Australia’s outback through my landscapes. 

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5) How have you found the courses at the CCP so far - how have they helped you technically and creatively?

The courses at CCP so far have helped expand my knowledge of photography and technical components such as workflow and the use of Photoshop and Lightroom. I have also learnt new techniques and skills, which has allowed me to view the world from a more photographic perspective.

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6) Anything else you would like to say about the course, the CCP, your lecturers, studying VET, etc?

Naomi and Chris have allowed me to work creatively and to push myself to the limits, which I am extremely grateful for. Their assistance throughout my courses has helped me immensely in achieving my learning and photographic goals. 

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