Congratulations Bethia Holton - The 2018 Semester 2 VET Award Winner!

Bethia Holton from Cornerstone College has been announced as the Semester 2 Most Promising Young Photographer in 2018. To celebrate we have asked her six questions about her work at the CCP. 

Each semester we award one high-achieving VET student who has completed our Creative Camera A and Creative Camera B courses at the Centre For Creative Photography. These courses are specifically designed for any high school student wishing to complete photography as part of completing SACE. They run every Friday from 9am -12pm. This award is given to a student with solid attendance, a good work ethic and originality.

Runner up students were Zoe Cass (Cornerstone College) and Evan Wright (Blackwood Highschool)

1) How do you feel about winning the VET Award?
I feel very happy and honoured, all my classmates are all such talented photographers and I’m honestly surprised that I won.


2) How do you think the award might benefit you?
I feel as if this award might help me with a career in photography, as well as inspiring me to continue with photography into the future.


3) What would you like to do with your photography now and in the future?
I’d love to start my own photography business in the future, but for now I’d like to keep learning new techniques and continue to experiment with my photos.


4) What sort of photography do you most enjoy (eg:portrait, architecture, landscape)?
I really enjoy portraiture, I like capturing the personality of a person in a photograph and the stories they can tell. I also enjoy architectural photography as it has makes you think about and look at architecture from a different perspective.


5) How have you found the courses at the CCP so far - how have they helped you technically and creatively?
I have found the courses at the CCP really insightful and helped me to expand my photography knowledge and skills, as well as teaching me the knowledge of using lightroom to edit photographs. They have encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and push my creativity to the limits.

DSC_0165 (1).jpg

6) Anything else you would like to say about the course, the CCP, your lecturers, studying VET, etc?
Gee’s feedback and insight into photography was extremely helpful and encouraged me to produce my best work, which I am eternally grateful for. The courses made me see the world from a photographic point of view and really made me step out my comfort zone to improve my photographic skills which I have really enjoyed.

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