Subject spotlight: Hand-Made Photographs

Two current students, Maxine and Pamela, were kind enough to share their experience of one of our analogue/alternative process courses, Hand-Made Photographs. Here we (re)share their illuminating thoughts:

If you are interested in a creative unit that challenges your learnt knowledge, enhances your current skills and enables you to have a fun filled term, then ‘Handmade Photographs’ is for you.

‘Handmade Photographs’ provides an opportunity for students to take their photographic skills on a journey that introduces new and unexpected discoveries in relation to light, composition and creativity.

The inclusion of the pinhole camera and the scanner as a camera leads you on an exciting photographic journey from early discoveries in photographic imagery right through to the technological era of today.

In this course the enlarger also becomes a camera, allowing for the use of organic and non-organic materials in the creation of photograms, with uniqueness as individual as your imagination. Sunlight in itself becomes the camera in the creation of lumen and cyanotype prints that evoke a feeling of a bygone era while also being able to appear as abstract and post modern. Photographic collage is perhaps one of the more unexpected and complicated artistic aspects of this course, where again, only your imagination is the limit. And there’s more…

The scanner’s other role comes into play as it can reproduce these unique pieces of photographic art for posterity.

Don’t miss out – usually held only once per year!

Maxine Joy and Pamela Ann Brangwen-Jones

Aaron BlakeComment