Our Top 5 Portfolio Websites for Photographers

Starting your first photography website can be a nightmare. Where to start? What do you need? How much will it all cost? 

Today we are reviewing our top portfolio sites for photographers. These online templates make it easy to set up your online presence without too much fuss. Each option comes with many different features for various applications, so be sure to read through what each website provider will give you and evaluate what you might need. Tell us in the comments what you use!


Adobe Portfolio

Most photographers already have an Adobe subscription for their post production work. But did you know this gives you free access for paid subscribers to Adobe Portfolio?  Simply log into your adobe account at myportfolio.com to get started.  Adobe’s easy to use website builder is basic at best, it provides a contact page, gallery creation tools and some no frills theme selections. However for most photographers this is all you need to get you started, and hey who doesn't like almost free stuff? 
CCP Director Gavin Blake’s website is built using the Adobe Portfolio platform. Check it out at gavinjblake.com



The great thing about Squarespace is that so many people use it, therefore there is a bunch of support for those who aren't as tech savvy. Whilst on the slightly more expensive side, it has by far the most easy to use templates, hands on support and customisation tools of most providers. Plans start at $9.99 a month for their basic features, however the beauty of this basic plan is that you can upgrade to use their advanced tools as you need them. It incorporates a super easy shopping cart and options to sell products from your site as well as a blog. The CCP website is based on Squarespace - so that’s high praise from us. Our lecturer Gee Greenslade uses it as well, check it out here geegreenslade.com



Aimed at photographers and the needs of professionals, this little gem incorporates almost everything you can think of. Their base product starts at $5 a month billed annually and includes a domain name, blog and a whole swag of other photography specific features. As you move up through their plans you can even have a website connected to specific labs around Australia so your photographic orders from clients can be completed easily. It also includes cloud storage for your files and the ability to upload RAW. Many photographers don't like the blogging options with Zenfolio, so they may have a separately linked blog. Check out CCP alumni, Kelly Champion's website to see one in action kellychampion.com.au

kelly champion website


For those who love supporting local, a great Australian alternative to Zenfolio is Fotomerchant. Fotomerchant is a fabulous site for those serious about selling their photography online and supports having your website automatically sending your images to a specified photographic lab including local favourite Atkins. Speaking of local, our fabulous AIPP board member Louise Bagger uses Fotomerchant in the sales section of her website. She says it has given her so much scope for allowing all kinds of clients to interact with and purchase her work, allowing her to choose how clients order, from prints, to paid digital downloads and freebies. Check it out at louisebagger.fotomerchant.com



By far one of the most versatile options to consider, Wordpress is a world famous blogging platform, serving as the main frame to more websites than you could ever imagine. There are two options for Wordpress, using wordpress.com or wordpress.org. Wordpress.com is the main way to get an easy website.  For for the control freak who wants to build, develop and host their own Wordpress installation there is wordpress.org. Wordpress freely gives out their code for anyone to play around with. Known for its excellent SEO and customisability, Wordpress can be extremely cheap to run, however hosting your own can be a tricky one if you haven't previously made a website. 
To see one in action check out CCP Lecturer Mark Zed's Wordpress website at aspectphoto.com.au

We would love to see the websites you have created using some of these options (or even made yourself!) feel free to link them below in the comments and tell us your experiences. 

Don't forget enrolments are currently open at the Centre For Creative Photography, have a look at the courses on offer here: ccp.sa.edu.au/courses

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