Alternative Presentation

Alternative Presentation


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The course puts more emphasis on presentation/aesthetics than production, and encourages students to resolve their personal ideas/portfolios via non-traditional presentation.

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This is a course for the novice or more advanced student but please note that there is more of an emphasis on presentation/aesthetics than specifically on production. Students will be encouraged to resolve their personal ideas/portfolios through the various non-traditional presentation methods that will be discussed and demonstrated. Learn about the exciting alternatives involved and explored with “off the wall” presentation techniques.

Topics covered

  • Contemporary issues

  • Installations

  • Sequencing

  • Book-making/presentation

  • Contextual work

  • 3-D presentation

  • Use of text

  • Form and context

  • Creative use of photocopiers/scanners

Gavin Blake teaches this course and says

“What’s really great about this class is that the students get to re-dux their work and discover new ways of working with their images. The skills they learn greatly broaden their visual and practical repertoire in different ways which everyone finds uniquely exciting to them.”

“The interesting thing for me is that everyone who completes this subject goes away with fresh ideas about how they can develop and better resolve their earlier images as well as creating decidedly new work by using various media and techniques they may never have considered using before.”

Important Dates

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Class Prerequisites

Admission by portfolio if not currently enrolled in the Certificate IV program.


9 weeks of 3 hour classes. Students should expect to do an extra 6 hours a week of their own work.

Required Materials

  • DSLR or Mirrorless camera that enables full manual control. A film SLR camera may also be used.

  • All chemistry is supplied, it is expected that students will supply their own film and paper plus other such consumables as necessary.

  • This course has book presentation materials embedded in its cost.