What's on in Term 2 and Save $40!

Term 2 starts on the 2nd of May which is just around the corner. New and current students can take advantage of an early enrolment discount of $40 per class and workshop (excluding masterclasses). All you need to do is enter the coupon "EarlyEnrolment" on checkout before Friday 1 April 2016. Enrol now! Don't miss out.

Haven't studied at the CCP before? No problem! We run our beginner's Introduction to Photography course every term so you don't have to wait to get started.

Current and returning students have some exciting and less frequent classes to consider.

We have Portrait Photography #1 scheduled on the Monday night. Get a jump start on effective methods for photographing people in the studio and on-location. You'll experiment with different lighting styles and techniques and gain a deeper understanding of how to communicate and direct your human subjects.

Darkroom #2 is scheduled on Tuesday afternoon. You'll learn how to handle larger papers and mix "Witches Brews". Chemical contrast controls and advanced print processing and manipulation will take your darkroom printing to the next level. Plus, how relaxing and therapeutic is to work in the darkroom? I would probably start eating large quantities of carrots immediately.

Photographic Concepts #3 only comes around once a year and it's scheduled this term on Tuesday night. It's time to get conceptual with your photography! What does it all mean??? I cannot guarantee that will be answered but you'll take an in-depth look at your photography and maybe even ask yourself some of those big philosophical questions. Thankfully, you'll explore photographic history and a wide range of work by artists that have searched for their very own meaning in art.

Photographic Design is also scheduled on Tuesday night. If photography is about light then surely composition and design is the runner up. From beginner to pro, this class is about strengthening your photographic design and composition through recognised visual systems. To put it simply, let's learn how to frame pretty pictures!

Alternative Presentation is scheduled on Wednesday night. First impressions count, right? You'll look at traditional and non-traditional ways of presenting your work. As well as installations, book making and text. There's also some creative use of photocopiers and scanners that is sure to get a laugh, I know what you all get up to.

Advanced Lighting #2 is scheduled on Thursday evening. If you want to learn how to photograph products, magazine covers and editorial all while dealing with ad agencies and clients; this is the class for you!

Of course we're still running the staple courses that we normally run including Introduction to Photography, Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3, Digital Imaging 1, Digital Imaging 2, Introduction to the Darkroom and Introduction to the Studio.

You can view all courses running in Term 2 here

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Matt Loxton is a Lecturer at the Centre for Creative Photography, a press photographer and runs his own commercial photography business Loxton Photo.

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