Crash Course Studio

Crash Course Studio

195.00 235.00

Saturday 28 September

This course will help you learn everything about studio lighting with artificial light in a day, including camera selection, lens selection, shutter speeds and F-stops, lighting ratios and studio best practice.

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Have you always wanted to know about studio-based lighting, but have felt intimidated by it? This “crash course” is for those who want to know everything about lighting with artificial light – but only have one day to do it! You will find out about your camera, flash synchronisation, flash vs. tungsten light, film selection and colour correction. You will learn about; Camera Selection, Lens Selection, Shutter Speeds and F-stops, Correct Exposures, Modelling with Light, Object Description and Lighting Ratios. You will also learn about bracketing exposures tripods and basic description by illumination. The ultimate goal of this workshop is to help you understand what the camera “sees” so that you can work creatively at home with your own desk lamp if need be. This workshop is also ideal for those participants who have done the Flash workshop or want to do the Portrait workshop.


Bring your Digital SLR, or 35mm film, camera.


Closed toed shoes are required for the studio. Please also bring your lunch and your Digital SLR, with plenty of spare batteries and memory cards. If you are shooting film, the CCP has a limited range of consumables if you need to purchase extra film on the day.